Community Advisory Council Role and Nominations Process

The role of the Council is to provide the Foundation Board of Directors with advice and recommendations regarding overall policy and strategic direction and adherence to the mission and to serve as a liaison with communities in Kentucky. Read more about the Council functions, size and composition, appointments and terms in the Council Charter.

Members of the Council are residents of the Commonwealth who are committed to addressing the unmet health needs of the people of Kentucky and who have expressed an interest and willingness to engage individually and as a group in activities to advance the Foundation’s charitable mission. Read more about the expectations for individual Council members.

Foundation Bylaws call for the Council “to maintain a diverse membership… with broad community and consumer representation and ensuring careful consideration to ethnic, gender, geographic and racial balance.” The Commonwealth comprises thousands of communities, each unique in its culture, social norms, social capital, opportunities and challenges. The Foundation is intentional in its efforts to continually expand the inclusiveness and diversity of its Council as we engage with communities across the state.

Nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis and will be considered by the Nominations and Governance Committee at their quarterly meetings. Underrepresented areas on the Council currently include:

  • Individuals residing in Kentucky counties outside of Jefferson and Fayette
  • Individuals who bring racial/ethnic diversity to the Council
  • Youth, young adults, persons under the age of 40
  • Individuals outside the health/health care system who have experience in the following industries: Education, Agriculture, Economic Development and who have a passion for health
  • Individuals with lived experienced from un/underserved communities – un/underinsured persons (i.e. covered by Ky Medicaid) and those from rural areas (Appalachia and Delta Regions).

All nominations are encouraged and welcome.

To Submit a Nomination

You may submit a nomination for yourself or someone else. Email completed a completed nomination form to Mary Jo Shircliffe, Vice President Operations and Administration – or 502-326-2583 or 877-326-2583. A confirmation of the receipt of your nomination will be sent via email.