Access to health care

The Foundation seeks to ensure that all Kentuckians have access to safe, affordable, quality health care. This includes advocating for incorporating health criteria into policies and programs at both the state and local levels, in order to increase the number of Kentucky communities that support a healthier workforce. 

We also work to increase the availability of information about quality, evidence-based substance use treatment, prevention and recovery services in Kentucky.

Previous work included ensuring that Kentucky’s Medicaid-eligible population maintain access to health coverage. Read the case study here.

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Our work under this initiative is aimed at improving the health of Kentucky by reducing the use of tobacco products, including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products and e-cigarettes. We are also focused on preventing tobacco use by youth and reducing Kentuckians’ exposure to secondhand smoke. Foundation CEO Ben Chandler is chair of the Coalition for a Smoke-Free Tomorrow, a diverse group of stakeholder groups from around the Commonwealth and across a broad spectrum of professions that have formed a statewide organization to speak to policymakers with a single voice on tobacco-control issues.

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obesity prevention

Long term, the Foundation’s goal under this initiative is to reduce the proportion of adults, adolescents and children in Kentucky who are obese. Among the strategies for achieving this are increasing opportunities for physical activity, ensuring that healthy food and beverages are available to all, supporting diabetes prevention initiatives. In addition, we can increase media campaigns that promote healthier living.

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Children's Health / Adverse Childhood experiences

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) include abuse, neglect, and family or household changes that create toxic stress during childhood. ACEs have been shown to lead to wide range of chronic diseases and conditions later on in life. The Foundation works to increase community engagement to prevent ACEs, and to reduce the long-term impact of ACEs by supporting resilience and protective factors at the state and local levels, especially in schools.

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Past Foundation Initiatives

The Foundation’s 2013-2018 strategic plan included two initiatives: Investing in Kentucky’s Future and Promoting Responsive Health Policy. Learn more about the Foundation’s work under these initiatives here:

Investing in Kentucky’s Future
Promoting Responsive Health Policy