The Foundation seeks to ensure that all Kentuckians have access to safe, affordable, quality health care. 

The Foundation also works to increase the availability of information on quality, evidence-based substance use treatment, prevention and recovery services in Kentucky. Toward that goal, we are:

  • Providing regular learning opportunities for health care leaders, agencies and providers about the best practices for these services.
  • Developing a cross-sector collaborative model in an area of Kentucky that currently has a high overdose rate.
In addition, we are seeking to increase the number of Kentucky communities that support a healthier workforce by establishing and piloting health-related criteria for the Workforce Development and Education Cabinet’s “Work Ready Communities” program.
Previously, the Foundation worked to ensure that Kentucky’s Medicaid beneficiaries maintain access to coverage under the Kentucky HEALTH Medicaid 1115 waiver five-year demonstration program.

For more information, contact Allison Adams at or 502-326-2583.