Long term, the Foundation’s goal under this initiative is to reduce the proportion of adults, adolescents and children in Kentucky who are obese. Among the strategies for achieving this are increasing opportunities for physical activity, ensuring that healthy food and beverages are available to all, supporting diabetes prevention initiatives. In addition, we can increase media campaigns that promote healthier living. Specifically, the Foundation is working to:

  • Increase the number of local health coalitions that are better equipped to influence policies and practices in their communities that prevent obesity.
  • Support local coordination with diabetes prevention initiatives, including county Diabetes Prevention Programs.
  • Help establish a Statewide School Health Coalition to coordinate support for better nutrition and increased physical activity in schools.
  • Increase coordination and partnerships between governmental and non-governmental agencies to advance state and local school health efforts around physical activity and nutrition.
  • Increase the number of media campaigns, public service announcements, and programs that support obesity prevention (promoting healthy eating, increased physical activity, breastfeeding, etc.)

COVID-19 and Diabetes: The Role Physicians and Health Care Professionals Play in Prevention


For more information, contact Amalia Mendoza, amendoza@healthy-ky.org, 502-326-2583.