This free training series blends in-person workshops with webinars. Whether you are new to health care or a seasoned non-profit professional working in the field, you are encouraged to take part in our Health for a Change training series.

The Foundation launched the Health for a Change capacity building training series as part of an effort to prepare nonprofit leaders across the Commonwealth for the work of advancing today’s pressing health issues. Participants connect with a wide-range of leaders in the field and learn about best practices and proven models through this series. 

Health for a Change 2018: Share your Ideas

We welcome your ideas for training topics, speakers, and Kentucky venues for Health for a Change 2018 webinars and workshops. Please email your ideas to Community Health Research Officer, Rachelle Seger at 

Upcoming Schedule 

Archive of Past Events 

Webinar: Preemption and Health Advocacy

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Join us on this free 1-hour webinar! Learn about the history of preemption and understand how preemption relates to tobacco control and other health policies. Presenters will share their experiences, answer questions, and discuss advocacy strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Kentucky law that prohibits local regulation of the distribution, sales, or display of tobacco products.
  • Describe the history of preemption in Kentucky including the tobacco control policies that are currently prohibited for consideration by local governments.
  • Understand the magnitude of the preemption threat to public health.
  • Learn key elements of the Grassroots Change/New York University Combatting Preemption Action Model, including how it relates to both countering and repealing state preemption.
  • Discuss tactics to organize and address preemption.
  • Understand the role of the tobacco industry and its allies, and continued efforts to limit smokefree protections.

And a special THANK YOU to the Coalition for a Smoke-Free Tomorrow for suggesting the webinar topic and connecting us with this experienced panel of presenters.

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Workshop: Working with the Media - Paducah
Wednesday, December 5, 2018
12:30 PM- 3:00 PM (Central Time)

McCracken County Public Library
(270) 442-2510
555 Washington Street
Paducah, Kentucky 42003

Join us for this free in-person workshop in Paducah, Kentucky.
The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky is offering a workshop to help nonprofit organizations and coalitions work effectively with the media to improve news coverage of their efforts.

• Establish a basic understanding of media messaging.
• Identify pre-interview preparation techniques.
• Learn key strategies for a media interview.
• Understand the basics of an effective news release.

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Past Health for a Change Events 

Webinar: Learning How to Measure Your Advocacy Efforts: An Introductory Webinar (October 2018) Slide Deck

Workshop: Smoke-free Campaigns: Making Your Community a Better Place to BREATHE (September 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Health Care for Low-income Kentuckians: Progress, Challenges, & Updates (August 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Planning for Success: Why? How? What for? (August 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Understanding Trauma, Health, and Care: Kentucky ACEs (August 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Health for All: Creating Equitable Opportunity for Health (July 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Planning for Success: MAPP, Strategy, Decision Making, & Health (June 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Health for All: A Discussion with Highlights from Kentucky (June 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Plan, find, apply: Effective Grant Development (May 2018) Slide Deck

Workshop: The Art of Working with Others: Creative Strategies for Community Health Coalitions (May 2018)

Webinar: Using Electronic Health Data for Community Health with Examples from Kentucky (May 2018) Slide Deck, Network for Public Health Law ResourcesNetwork for Public Health Law Checklist

Webinar: Kentucky! Free! Health! Resources! (April 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Tools to Spark Collaboration & Increase Your Leadership Impact (April 2018) 

Webinar: No Time, No Money, No Problem #socialmedia (March 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Finding & Understanding Health Data on Kentucky’s Youth (December 2017) Slide Deck

Workshop: Building Effective Coalitions (November 2017)

Webinar: Kentucky Programs & Data on Drug Overdose: KIPRC & KASPER (August 2017) Slide Deck

Webinar: Food in Kentucky (July 2017) Health for a Change Slide DeckConcept Hatchery Nutrition in KY Slide Deck

Grantwriting Resources: Kentucky's connection to the Foundation Center (June 2017)

Webinar: Impacts of Implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky (April 2017)

Walkability: Kentucky Resources for Building Active Communities (March 2017)

Building Stronger Governance: a Toolkit for Education and Engagement for Boards of Health  (October 2016)

Kentucky Health: Making Data Count (September 2016)

Understanding 1115 and 1332 Waivers as Tools to Reform Medicaid (January 2016)

Engaging Youth in Policy Work (September 2016)

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (May 2015)

Grant Management Planning for Success (January 2015)

Creating Effective Health Messaging (September 2014)

How to Energize Your Coalition (July 2014)

Finding Funding Partners: Where to Look, What to Ask (June 2014)

Health Equity in Kentucky (February 2014)

A Report from Frankfort on Health Happenings (January 2014)

Lobbying and Advocacy Rules (December 2013)

Using Kentucky Health Facts (November 2013)