This free training series blends in-person workshops with webinars. Whether you are new to health care or a seasoned non-profit professional working in the field, you are encouraged to take part in our Health for a Change training series.

The Foundation launched the Health for a Change capacity building training series as part of an effort to prepare nonprofit leaders across the Commonwealth for the work of advancing today’s pressing health issues. Participants connect with a wide-range of leaders in the field and learn about best practices and proven models through this series. 

Health for a Change 2019: Share your Ideas

We welcome your ideas for training topics, speakers, and Kentucky venues for Health for a Change 2019 webinars and workshops. Please email your ideas to Community Health Research Officer, Rachelle Seger at 

Upcoming Schedule 

Archive of Past Events 

Webinar: Be Heard! Social, Media, & Interviews
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
1:00 PM-2:00 PM ET
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Workshop: Infographics for Social Change: A Graphic Ally Hackathon
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
9:30 AM-3:30 PM ET
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Workshop: Infographics for Social Change: A Graphic Ally Hackathon
Wednesday, December 4, 2019
9:30 AM-3:30 PM ET
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Past Health for a Change Events

Workshop: Infographics for Social Change: A Graphic Ally Hackathon (August 2019)

Webinar: 2020 Census: Counting On Kentucky's Colleges and Universities (August 2019) Slide Deck

Workshop: Coalition Building at Need More Acres Farm (July 2019)

Webinar: Key Concepts for Data Viz (July 2019) Slide Deck

Webinar: How to "Get in Formation" for Coalition Building (June 2019) Slide Deck

Webinar: Counting down to the 2020 Census: Community, Kids, Collaboration (June 2019) Slide Deck

Workshop: Building Healthier Communities with CANE, Inc. (June 2019)

Webinar: Kentucky Data on Drug Overdose & Prevention Programs: A Review (May 2019) Slide Deck

Workshop: Smoke-free Campaigns: Making Your Community a Better Place to BREATHE (May 2019)

Webinar: Kentucky’s Grantwriting Resources (May 2019) Slide Deck

Webinar: U.S. Census 2020: An update from Kentucky (February 2019) Slide Deck, Additional Census Resources

Workshop: Working with the Media - Paducah (December 2018)

Webinar: Preemption and Health Advocacy (November 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Learning How to Measure Your Advocacy Efforts: An Introductory Webinar (October 2018) Slide Deck

Workshop: Smoke-free Campaigns: Making Your Community a Better Place to BREATHE (September 2018)

Webinar: Health Care for Low-income Kentuckians: Progress, Challenges, & Updates (August 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Planning for Success: Why? How? What for? (August 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Understanding Trauma, Health, and Care: Kentucky ACEs (August 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Health for All: Creating Equitable Opportunity for Health (July 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Planning for Success: MAPP, Strategy, Decision Making, & Health (June 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Health for All: A Discussion with Highlights from Kentucky (June 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Plan, find, apply: Effective Grant Development (May 2018) Slide Deck

Workshop: The Art of Working with Others: Creative Strategies for Community Health Coalitions (May 2018)

Webinar: Using Electronic Health Data for Community Health with Examples from Kentucky (May 2018) Slide Deck, Network for Public Health Law ResourcesNetwork for Public Health Law Checklist

Webinar: Kentucky! Free! Health! Resources! (April 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Tools to Spark Collaboration & Increase Your Leadership Impact (April 2018) 

Webinar: No Time, No Money, No Problem #socialmedia (March 2018) Slide Deck

Webinar: Finding & Understanding Health Data on Kentucky’s Youth (December 2017) Slide Deck

Webinar: Building Effective Coalitions (November 2017)

Webinar: Kentucky Programs & Data on Drug Overdose: KIPRC & KASPER (August 2017) Slide Deck

Webinar: Food in Kentucky (July 2017) Health for a Change Slide DeckConcept Hatchery Nutrition in KY Slide Deck

Webinar: Grantwriting Resources: Kentucky's connection to the Foundation Center (June 2017)

Webinar: Impacts of Implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky (April 2017)

Webinar: Walkability: Kentucky Resources for Building Active Communities (March 2017)

Webinar: Building Stronger Governance: a Toolkit for Education and Engagement for Boards of Health  (October 2016)

Webinar: Kentucky Health: Making Data Count (September 2016)

Webinar: Understanding 1115 and 1332 Waivers as Tools to Reform Medicaid (January 2016)

Webinar: Engaging Youth in Policy Work (September 2016)

Webinar: County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (May 2015)

Webinar: Grant Management Planning for Success (January 2015)

Webinar: Creating Effective Health Messaging (September 2014)

Webinar: How to Energize Your Coalition (July 2014)

Webinar: Finding Funding Partners: Where to Look, What to Ask (June 2014)

Webinar: Health Equity in Kentucky (February 2014)

Webinar: A Report from Frankfort on Health Happenings (January 2014)

Webinar: Lobbying and Advocacy Rules (December 2013)

Webinar: Using Kentucky Health Facts (November 2013)