December 2018

Kentuckians Beat U.S. Flu Shot Average
Kentucky remains 'deeply' split on health care because it's confusing 
Advocates concerned about teenage vaping
Good News: About 1/2 of Ky. adults got a flu shot in the past 12 months. Bad new: About 1/2 didn't. It's not too late to get one.
Changes to Medicaid could come as early as this spring
Friedell Committee, Foundation for a Healthy KY united to strengthen state, local police advocacy 

Op-ed aims to inform adults about dangerous new e-cigarettes that writers say are aimed to hook a new generation on nicotine 

School disciplinary incidents increase as more students use e-cigs, officials seek remedy 

Would These New Proposals Help Keep E-Cigarettes Away From Kentucky Kids? 

E-Cigarette Use Soars Among Kentucky Teens 

Anti-smoking advocates push for flavored e-cigarette ban amid skyrocketing teen use!/ 

November 2018

KET Inside Youth Mental Health Series 

Chamber's speaker asserts health is a nonpartisan issue 

Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky has plans for next legislative session 

Parents and Teachers: Latest e-cigs designs disguise youth dangers 

E-Cigs Don’t Keep Kids From Smoking Traditional Cigarettes 

Study shows e-cigs don't keep teens from smoking cigs; health foundation calls for smoke-free schools; FDA to act on e-cigs 

Fewer Kentucky Women Smoking While Pregnant 

October 2018

Health Policy Forum: Medical marijuana has some health benefits, but there are adverse risks  

Panel at health policy forum cites alternatives to opioids for pain, and the need for a culture shift on the topic 

McCreary and Wayne Counties win Health Policy Champion Award from Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky for being 'bright spots'                                                                                                                     

Flu Season is Looming, Health Official Say "Get Vaccinated"                                                                 

Working with the Media Workshop       

Chandler: Higher cigarette tax can help state's health ranking                                          

Health Advocate Says Kentucky Can do More to Prevent Smoking-Related Illnesses              

City leaders receive flu vaccinations to 'Focus on the Flu'
Officials receive flu shots, encourage community to prepare
School Officials, Mayor get flu shots to promote preventative care
Community leaders get flu shots while raising awareness 

September 2018

WEKY “Eastern Standard” Program regarding Howard L. Bost Memorial Health Policy Forum, Sept. 20, 2018
Full program:  

Segment One – Foundation President/CEO Ben Chandler interview with Barry Meier, former New York Times reporter and author of Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic 
Segment Two – “Eastern Standard” host Tom Martin interviews with Van Ingram, Executive Director of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, regarding Kentucky’s response to the opioid crisis; and Dr. Danesh Mazloomdoost, Wellward Regenerative Medicine, regarding alternatives to opioids for treating pain
Segment Three: Foundation President/CEO Ben Chandler interview with Dr. David Bradford, University of Georgia, regarding medical marijuana
Health officials kick off flu prevention campaign in Frankfort
A Letter to U of L Students: Protect yourself and your community this flu season
Statewide flu prevention campaign kicks off in Frankfort
To defend against another flu epidemic in Kentucky: 'Get the shot. Consult your doc. Stop the spread," campaign says
Foundation Lauds Historic FDA Efforts to Reverse Epidemic of Teen Vaping
Kentucky among the most obese states in annual report
New Data Shows Obesity Still a Crisis in Kentucky
Library to Host Free Media Training Workshop
E-cigarette advocates and critics differ on FDA's crackdown on sales to minors
Grant program for children’s health enters final year; foundation will share video with other communities
Kentucky's adult obesity rate seventh highest in U.S.
Can free classes help prevent accidental shootings in Kentucky?
Medical Marijuana Advocates Renew Push Ahead Of Next Legislative Session
State's new health commissioner, Dr. Jeffrey Howard, is called 'a breath of fresh air' by a local director who's seen six of them

August 2018

Whitesburg primary care physician Dr. Van Breeding named Healthy Kentucky Policy Champion
Murray mayor named Healthy Kentucky Policy Champion
Several Kentucky counties 'bright spots' in battling health challenges
New resources help us understand health in Appalachia, focuses on Culture of Health factors
Fewer adults get pain pills, survey concludes
Health Care: The Pain of Losing Employees
Foundation for a Healthy Ky. will help state keep people covered as Medicaid changes; summit discusses new work requirements
Secondhand smoke linked to school absences, ER visits and respiratory symptoms in teenagers; Ky. smoke-free policies lag
Nicotine replacement therapy products available for Kentuckians who want to quit smoking
Advocates say non-smoking policies lagging
17 companies that were warned to stop packaging electronic-cigarette liquids to kids have stopped; FDA warns it's still watching
All Kentucky public housing under smoking ban as of July 31; some housing authorities are offering help with cessation
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky report documents its change from a small philanthropy to 'an influential statewide advocate'
Foundation for a Healthy Ky. names Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless Healthy Kentucky Policy Champion

July 2018

Wayne Co. labeled ‘bright spot" in health
Bright Spots: Positive Outliers In A Region Plagued By Poor Health
Several Kentucky counties’ bright spots’ in battling health challenges
Two Kentucky counties recognized as "bright spots" for efforts to improve overall health
Eastern Kentucky health stats are gloomy. Why are these ‘bright spots’ doing better?
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky welcomes newest board member
Cigarette tax got you down? These classes can help you quit
Cracking down on cigarettes

June 2018

Report: 1 in 7 students has misused opioids
Former US Congressman calls for Knox to become smoke-free

May 2018

Bevin Announces Partnership to Implement Medicaid Changes
New Partnership to Help Medicaid Enrollees Meet Work Requirement 
Reducing Whitley Co. smoking rate would cut cancer deaths, improve health, Chandler says 
Chandler reviews McLean's health program progress
Bevin teams up with nonprofit to help people keep their Medicaid 
Foundation for a Healthy Ky. will help state keep people covered as Medicaid changes; summit discusses new work requirements
Kentucky HEALTH to partner with Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky in Medicaid waiver program
Bevin Announces Partnership to Implement Medicaid Changes
Paducah cardiologist named Healthy Kentucky Policy Champion
Report: Kentucky ‘lagging’ in handling opioid crisis
Most Ky. adults support court-mandated treatment for first or second time drug offenses; all but 5 counties have drug courts
Former congressman visits Cadiz Rotary Club, talks about county's cancer rate
Kentucky cigarette tax to rise by 50 cents per pack July 1
Cancer more present in river counties than rest of Kentucky
Most Kentuckians favor court-mandated treatment programs for drug offenders 
Survey asks Ky residents: Should drug offenses result in mandatory treatment?
Chandler Discusses Cancer, Smoking Rate At Cadiz Rotary

APRIL 2018

New poll finds majority of Kentuckians believe addiction is a disease 
Poll: Percentage of Kentucky Adults Who Know Someone Abusing Prescription Pills Drops 
Murray Mayor Envisions Smoke-Free City, Committee Approves Drafting Ordinance
Oldham County adds e-cigarettes to smoking ban, partly at the behest of students, and drops exemptions, including break rooms
Poll Reflects a Drop in Prescription Pill Abuse
New poll finds majority of Kentuckians believe addiction is a disease
Ben Chandler discusses the proposed smoke-free ordinance
Ben Chandler Discusses Smoke-Free Kentucky, Opioids, Hemp, Marijuana
Report: Fewer Kentuckians being prescribed pain pills 
CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Reacts to Cigarette Tax 

Kentucky Ex-Smokers Share Their Success Stories 

Still need measures to reduce smoking, tobacco use in Kentucky 

Lexington bans tobacco, including smokeless, at city ballfields 

MARCH 2018

Local doctor board treasurer for health foundation 

Smoking in Kentucky: Hidden Cost Obvious Impact 

KET Kentucky Health Interview with Ben Chandler re Smoking, Opioids 


Chandler discusses cancer and smoking rates 

Health Advocates Continue Their Push for Cigarette Tax Increase 

E-cigarette use more widespread in Kentucky than nationwide 

Most Kentuckians support a law to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21, poll finds 


Health advocates, state officials want to raise Kentucky’s cigarette tax by at least $1 

Poll: Kentuckians overwhelmingly back higher tobacco taxes, January 4, 2018