(LOUISVILLE, Ky - February 6, 2020) A partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes that goes into effect nationwide today has a major loophole that keeps kid-friendly flavored products on the market, according to the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. The Food and Drug Administration policy bans most flavors of cartridge-based e-cigarettes, but doesn't apply to disposable devices.
Following is a statement from Ben Chandler, president and CEO of the Foundation:
"The FDA's attempt to carve out a place for vape stores to stay in business ended up drawing a crystal clear picture of how to get around the new policy, and our kids are figuring it out pretty quickly. Today, it's still legal to buy a high-nicotine e-cigarette with a flavor name like 'O.M.G. Tropical' as long as it's a disposable all-in-one device. Already, dozens of low-cost, Juul-like disposable e-cigarettes are on the market. In the midst of a youth vaping epidemic, this loophole isn't doing any favors for parents trying to keep their kids healthy and tobacco-free."
The Foundation is asking the Kentucky state legislature to adopt three measures in 2020 to reduce youth e-cigarette use:
  • Tobacco 21: A measure to conform Kentucky law to a new federal law that raises to 21 the minimum legal age to purchase tobacco products. A bill filed by Sen. Ralph Alvarado has passed the Senate and is under consideration in the House.
  • E-cigarette Tax: A bill to add an excise tax on e-cigarettes that is equal to the tax on cigarettes. Currently, e-cigarettes are the only tobacco product sold in Kentucky that are not subject to an excise tax. Rep. Jerry Miller has introduced a bill to tax e-cigs on par with cigarettes.
  • Prevention & Cessation Funding: A measure to increase public health funding for tobacco-use prevention education and for Kentucky's Quit Line and other smoking cessation programs. Kentucky's 2020 budget of $3.3 million for prevention and cessation is 1/84th of the $280 million spent annually by the tobacco industry marketing their products in the Commonwealth.
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