LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 18, 2021 - A bill passed by the legislature and now awaiting the Governor's signature would cap the out-of-pocket cost for a 30-day supply of insulin at $30 for Kentuckians covered by state-regulated health plans. House Bill 95 would go into effect Jan. 1, 2022. The price cap would apply regardless of the amount or type of insulin the person with diabetes needs.

The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky released the following statement today about this bill:

"Kudos to Rep. Danny Bentley for his leadership on this bill to reduce the out-of-pocket costs for Kentuckians who are dependent on insulin," said Ben Chandler, president and CEO of the Foundation. "It's an important first step to reduce costs that currently add up to as much as several thousand dollars every month. The next step is to extend the price cap to all Kentuckians who need insulin to live.

"Diabetes prevention is a Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky priority because a growing number of people are living with this chronic, debilitating and costly disease. Low-income communities are especially affected because they often have fewer prevention programs and more difficulty accessing healthy foods and safe places to exercise."

The Foundation has several projects underway to help prevent, reduce and treat diabetes in Kentucky, including:

  • Creating diabetes-related information to help health care providers better prevent, recognize and treat diabetes.
  • Supporting educational events to raise awareness and knowledge around diabetes prevention.
  • Providing funding for a KET special program, Undiagnosed: The Diabetes Epidemic, which can be viewed at any time on the KET website.
  • Advocating for policy measures such as House Bill 95.
  • Creating special programs in areas with high rates of diabetes, such as West Louisville and the Big Sandy region.

For more information about these projects, contact Amalia Mendoza, amendoza@healthy-ky.org.