2012 Kentucky Parent Survey

Funded by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, the 2012 Kentucky Parent Survey was conducted to assess what Kentucky moms and dads think about a variety of health topics affecting children in the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Parent Survey was conducted July 19 – August 22, 2012 by the Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia.

A random sample of 1006 parents and guardians of children under 18 from throughout Kentucky were interviewed by telephone. This included 848 landline interviews and 158 cell phone interviews. In 95 out of 100 cases, the statewide estimates will be accurate to ±3%. Larger sampling errors are present for estimates of specific subgroups or for questions that were not asked of all respondents. There are other sources of variation inherent in public opinion studies, such as non-response, question wording or context effects that can introduce error or bias.